What Is NexusTalks

NexusTalks is a platform where Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Public Figures are called to share their views about a particular topic and their life & success story with people, with an aim of motivating the young generation. It is made to help organizations, individuals and communities to spark conversation and connection. Not only professionals, business people and government officials, NexusTalk focusses on Makers, Scientists, Filmmakers, Doers, Inventors and Young Entrepreneurs.

What Do We Want To Do

NexusCircle is a community from all around the globe, welcoming people from different culture and authority who has a great understanding of world. We, other than impressive accomplishment, look for a good/clear heart and fine character in every NexusTalk Speaker. We passionately believe in the strength of ideas to change lives, attitudes and most importantly the world. There is no particular criteria for how do we select the NexusTalk Speakers. We select them on the basis of their success and accomplishments in the respective field, the impact of the work on the society and another important aspect that we look forward to is their character in general. Our main motive is to inspire the generation, make great ideas accessible, make them aware of different work options they can choose and spark conversations.